Chaplains Corner

RESPECT, it is an important value to hold. Imagine if leaders of countries were respectful of each other, how much more harmony would the world be enjoying. Imagine respectful interactions between the government of our country, how much more could we accomplish, imagine if there was respect in families how much more peace people would have in their lives….and what if we all, as individuals respected ourselves? Well that is when all of the above would become possible!

Respect is the understanding: that everyone is valuable and unique and may have differing thoughts or actions to you.

Respect is a choice: the way you choose to feel about someone and how you treat them. Respect is a discipline: it is practicing it every day, in every situation until it becomes a normal way of life.

Respect is one of our school values, and it’s called a value for a reason, because it brings value to self and to others. It isn’t always an automatic response anymore, so I encourage you to display and model respect. Hold a door open for someone, speak nicely about others when they are not around, allow someone to break into the traffic line in front of you – modelling is the best way for little humans to learn. The very first line of this thought was respect, it is an important value to hold….but by far more importantly, is the realisation that RESPECT is far more valuable when given away to others, the moment we master this then we change the world…why don’t we start that right here in Marong.