Lunch Orders

We are thrilled to partner with Bakehouse Blitz Maiden Gully to provide the lunch order service for families at Marong Primary School.


  1. Write child's name, class and order on a Brown paper bag.
  2. Lunch Orders must be submitted to the office of Marong Primary School on a Wednesday for a Friday lunch delivery.  No late orders will be accepted.
  3. All lunch orders must contain correct change.  No change will be given.  Should an overpayment be made, this will be considered a donation to the Parents Club.


Plain Pie                              $3.50

Sausage Roll                        $2.90

Party Pie                              $1.50

Party Sausage Roll                $1.50

Ham & Cheese Sandwich       $3.50

Ham & Salad Sandwich         $3.50

Egg & Lettuce Sandwich       $3.50

Chicken & Salad Sandwich    $3.50

Vegemite & Cheese Scroll     $2.50

Hedgehog                           $3.00

Kids Rum Ball                      $1.70

Smiley Face Biscuit               $1.90

Donut                                 $2.20

Water                                 $3.00

Chocolate Milk                     $2.50

Strawberry Milk                   $2.50

Juice                                  $3.50