Student of the Week

Marong Primary School ‘Students of the Week’ are recognised for demonstrating our school values of ‘Responsibility,’ ‘Honesty’ and ‘Respect.’ We acknowledge the following students for their efforts this week;

Grade Prep/One S– Alisha R
Our new student has fit in perfectly here at Marong Primary School, making immediate friends due to her kind and friendly nature. She has been working extremely hard and has already completed some very impressive pieces of work. Welcome again Alisha.

Grade Prep /One C/T - Gweny H
Gweny has shown great ‘Responsibility’ for her learning by doing great listening and working super hard in class. Her efforts are paying off and we are so proud of the wonderful writing she produced this week.
Fantastic work Gweny!

Grade Prep/One O- Zac W
Zac has such a wonderful attitude towards learning this term. He has come back with a won-derful attitude and has been wanting to learn more than ever! I have been very happy to see Zac giving activities a try and becoming confident when ap-proaching challenges. I hope you keep it up Zac, well done.

Grade Two/Three S -Claire L
Claire consistently demonstrates all three of Marong Primary School's Values - Respect, Hones-ty and Responsibility. She regularly considers and takes care of her fellow school friends, mak-ing sure everyone feels valued. Claire, we love your unique perspective of the word and your fantastic sense of humour!

Grade Two/Three R - Maddie H
For demonstrating ‘Responsibility and Respect’ in all classroom activities this week. Maddie has been showing great confidence in her activities this week. She is sharing her ideas, being confident when speaking in front of others and being actively engaged in her learning. Well done on a super week. I am very proud of your efforts this week!

Grade Four/Five C– : Koby C
Koby has made a great start to term 2 as a new member of our class. Koby is hardworking, regularly answering and asking questions which help to further both his learning and the learning of his peers. Every day his has brought a great attitude and commitment to learning into to the classroom. Welcome to grade 4/5 C Koby and keep up the superstar work!

Grade Four/Five P/S - Seth M
for demonstrating the school value of Respect. Seth has been a very respectful member of our school community by taking pride in the appearance of our school grounds. Twice this week (without Teacher directions) Seth has been picking up litter and placing it in the bin to make our ‘Back of Beyond’ area neat and tidy. Thanks Seth for being super amazing!

Grade Six J- Matilda C
Since joining us at the beginning of the term Matilda has hit the ground running. She’s work-ing hard, asking questions and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion during our persuasive writing tasks. Well done on your first two week Matilda, it’s awesome to have you here at Marong PS.