Student of the Week

Marong Primary School ‘Students of the Week’ are recognised for demonstrating our school values of ‘Responsibility,’ ‘Honesty’ and ‘Respect.’ We acknowledge the following students for their efforts this week;

Grade Prep/One S – Abi P
Abi has shown tremendous confidence and responsibility in her work. She is keen to share her ideas and thoughts with her classmates and can be relied upon to work independently. Her friendly and caring nature was spotted at several lunchtimes looking after people in need. Well done Abi.

Grade Prep /One C/T– Alby T
For demonstrating Respect and Responsibility in the classroom. Alby you are becoming more focused during independent work and taking responsibility for your own learning. Your listening skills are also improving each day.
Keep up the great work Alby. Well done!

Grade Prep/One O – Cooper H
Cooper has made dramatic improvements since the beginning of prep. He is listening so well and giving everything a try even if he isn’t sure. His confidence has soared and he has become more of a responsible and settled learner. I am proud of his attitude and have noticed his big efforts in the room and in the yard. Keep it up Cooper.

Grade Two/Three S - Reegan W
For demonstrating Respect and Responsibility. Over the past two weeks Reegan has set a personal goal of pushing himself to produce high quality work. It has been admirable to see him consistently going above and beyond to get the best out of himself and reach his goal. Congratulations Reegan - It is wonderful to see what you have been achieving!!!

Grade Two/Three R– Aurora O
For demonstrating ‘Respect, Responsibility and Honesty’ in all activities this week. Aurora always demonstrates our school values to others in our classroom and in the yard. She listens and responds and is focussed during all classroom activities. Well done on a super week Aurora! Keep it up.

Grade Four/Five C– Jack M
Jack consistently demonstrates all the school values. He works well independently and is always willing to help in the classroom. This week he has been enthusiastic and challenged himself, going beyond the set tasks to further his learning. Great work Jack, keep up the awesome efforts!

Grade Four/Five P/S– Finn N
For the values of Respect and Responsibility. Finn consistently displays these values both in the classroom and in the school yard. He can always be relied upon to help teachers and his fellow classmates, while completing tasks to the best of his ability. Well Done Finn.

Grade Six J– Alexanda H
Alex has been working hard and showing the school values. He is an excellent member of our class and he is always trying his best in every task and is always willing to help out in any way. This week he’s working extremely hard with his math and it’s definitely showing. Keep up the great work mate!