Student of the Week

Each week we acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated one or more of the 5 You Can Do It Foundations for Success: Persistence, Resilience, Organisation, Confidence and Getting Along, and/ or our school Values of Respect, Honesty and Responsibility.

Grade Prep/A– Eleanor O’N
For continually working hard at her reading and writing. Eleanor has a fantastic attitude towards her learning and is always striving to improve. In particular, she has been working hard at understanding the difficult texts she reads and writing stories with lots of detail. You are a superstar Eleanor, keep it up!

Grade Prep C/T- Sophie C
Sophie is taking great ‘responsibility’ for her learning. She is making a huge effort to improve her speed and care while completing her writing. Really proud of you Soph, keep up the great work!

Grade One/Two O- Zayde W
Zayde has impressed me greatly over the last few weeks, especially this week. He has been putting in so much effort towards his learning and always wanting to persist to get the best possible result. Zayde has become a completely independent worker and is very proud of himself when he succeeds. Zayde has made a lot of new friends and is being his best self both in and out of the classroom. Keep it up champion!

Grade One/Two R- Robbie J
For demonstrating ‘Confidence’ and ‘Organisation’ in all activities this week. Robbie has been focused and putting in his best effort during the school day. He answers and responds to questions during our classroom discussions, showing me that he is engaged and focused to learn. Well done Robbie.

Grade Three/Four S - Nate R
Nate has been working extremely hard for his SEPEP team developing merchandise. He has shown a real passion for his current narrative, taking his time and adding features to enhance his story. Its been fantastic to see Nate take on feedback throughout the week and enjoy all subjects at school. Keep it up Nate.

Grade Three/Four P/S- Zali B
Zali has demonstrated her ability to work well in class and her determination to receive Student of the Week. She has been consistent with the school values showing honesty in her work, responsibility by working hard to complete set tasks and respect to her peers and teachers in her classroom. Well done Zali, its been great seeing you work hard, keep it up!

Grade Five/Six W- Bailey McK
For showing great persistence and resilience this week. Bailey has worked extremely well in class and has done some amazing work! Well done Bailey, keep up the great work!

Grade 5/6 J-Violet R
It’s been fantastic to see Violet displaying the value of confidence. It was great to see Violet get out of her comfort zone on camp and try new things and since coming back to school, her confidence has transferred to her school work. Violet is working independently, showing initiative and contributing to classroom discussion. Well done Violet, keep up the great work.